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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

10 tips for boosting your Avon sales

Hello all!

I was asked to write a blog post regarding this subject which I'm pretty certain that all Avon representatives struggle with at some point - getting decent sales. I have worked for Avon on and off for about two years so I've been able to establish some little tips, but by no means am I an expert - there are campaigns that I struggle with and unfortunately that's part and parcel of the job. Here are just a few tips that have worked for me:

  1. Offer some shiny incentives - There are plenty of ways of doing this. I've heard of reps creating their own raffles of Avon products and offering tickets for a few pennies a pop to their customers. You really can be as creative as you like - but do acknowledge how it may impact your earnings. I have used incentives such as "spend £30 and receive 10% off" - but, of course, while this can get you larger orders it also requires you to ditch anywhere from £3+ off of your earnings with the discount you offer. At the moment I offer a free (usually something under £2) product to customers if they spend a certain amount.

  2. Be a friendly face - If you have the opportunity to chat, do so! Acknowledge what your customers order and don't just enter the order numbers mindlessly - you can get a real feel for what people may enjoy and let them know about upcoming products. Try and be approachable and willing to find the best deals for your customers.. of course as an Avon rep you do want to make money, but it's lovely to get to know new people too.

  3. Throw your peepers over your Hello Tomorrow brochure - This is often the most important bit of kit for me. It's gives you the option to buy demo products that will soon appear in the Avon brochures and give them a go for yourself. Plus you can grab samples, stationary and discounted products. I frequently buy the demo products (especially perfumes and jewellery) and wear them out and about - it is a little bit of self-promotion but you get something new, and are able to introduce new products to the masses! ;) You can also get to know Avon products a little easier through samples so you can provide more information for your customers. There are also tips and tricks for making money featured in here too, so worth a look.

  4. Use the eBrochures / Facebook ads - Helpful little widgets you can share on Facebook - either share adverts for the current brochure with your contact details or offer the brochure to browse through online. You can find these on your Avon homepage when you log in.

  5. Opt in for customer leads - This option allows customers in your area looking for a rep to contact you via Avon Connects. To opt in, just pop to 'My Account' > 'My Profile' > 'Preferences'. There is a bit of a pain in the bum for this one though, you must:

    •  Be registered on the Avon website
    • Have been with Avon for more than 4 campaigns
    • Have no outstanding balance
    • A minimum of 2 orders in the last 3 campaigns
    • Have award sales of at least £156 in last 3 campaigns
    If you can do this - go for it, it opens your up to many more opportunities to earn.

  6. Find workplaces that may fancy a read - This is a huge earner for so many Avon reps. If you have family, friends, neighbours, etc who don't have an Avon rep at their work offer them a few books and order forms to pop into a communal area. Because you are a rep who is known to an employee at the organisation, it's a little more personal than dropping books through doors. Plus, you can deliver all in one which is always a bonus!

  7. Persevere (even when it's raining ;)) - I understand the temptation to skip that address on your route that has never placed an order even though you've dropped off a squillion books, but (unless they tell you they aren't interested) keep going for it. If you imagine yourself as a customer, it might be unlikely you'll place an order every campaign but there may be one book that tickles your fancy with a fab product. Your customers are in the driving seat with this one so it's worth giving them the option by offering a book consistently. Also, becoming a familiar face to those on your route makes a big difference.

  8. Rave about products you really do quite like - Admittedly it's unlikely you will have tried every single Avon product, or if we're brutal, liked every Avon product you've used.. but if you do find one stella find - let people know! There are products that I use every day and love and really do want other people to love too.

  9. Hold an Avon party - You can use this as an excuse to have some cake and see friends but it could be really helpful for boosting your sales too. If you plan well in advance, try and gather products that you know sell well and you want to introduce to more people or some shiny new products which you can take along so people can see before they buy. If you're handy with a mascara or nail varnish, you could offer a few beauty treatments with the products too!

  10. At Christmas offer books to EVERYONE - I know it's encouraging the money-spending frenzy that is Noel, but really do try and spread that Avon joy where you can. There are some pretty good deals around Christmas time and everyone is after a bargain. Just make sure you're aware of your delivery dates around that time so potential presents can arrive before the big day.
Hope this post has been slightly helpful.. let me know if you have any tips yourself!


  1. Hi, I've just become a rep for Avon in NZ. I didn't use many Avon products before joining but a few I've tried impressed me. That's a reason I decided to sell Avon. I've found your blog very useful as there's not many reviews on Avon products out there. Thanks :)

    1. Glad you've found it helpful! Thanks for such a lovely comment and good luck :) xx