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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

MagiX Eye Radiance Brightening Wand


A very quick one today just to do a little feature on the Avon MagiX Eye Radiance Brightening Wand. I bought this a little while ago and have a few mixed feelings on it. As a concealer product, it isn't too great and provides little coverage.. however, as an under-eye brightener, this does a pretty good job. It applies almost with a souffle texture and blends brilliantly - plus the applicator is easy to use and an ideal amount of product comes out. This swatch is in the shade 'Fair' but it is also available in 'Medium'.

I've heard some fantastic things regarding the MagiX Face Perfector.. let me know if you want a review and I'll get my mitts on it!

Current price in Campaign 08/online: £8.00

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A guide to Avon eyeliners!

Hi there,

I thought it might be helpful to do a little guide to some of the eyeliners available from Avon. I'm going to provide a little info on three of the different eyeliners available (mainly because they are my favourites), so read on if this tickles your fancy.

SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliners

These are the mega-pigmented, creamy eyeliners that are raved about through the blogging and Youtube community. At first just available in black, Avon have taken a wise move and expanded the line to a few more colours (including a grey not featured here - my apologies!).

L-R : Golden Fawn - Blackberry - Black

Current Avon website price: £7.00
Campaign 08 price: £6.00

Glimmerstick Eyeliners

I am constantly receiving orders for these eyeliners! Instead of pencils you can sharpen, this eyeliner is a swivel design that, as you turn, the product extends at the top. As you can see, they are fairly thin so you can use them sparingly or build up a thicker line. If you are new to make-up, I think these are a great alternative to SuperSHOCK eyeliners as the pigment isn't too much to work with. Available in regular or Glimmerstick diamonds which, as you can guess, is the glitter version!

Top - Glimmerstick Diamonds in Emerald Glow // Bottom - Glimmerstick in Majestic Plum
Current price on Avon website/Campaign 08: £6.00

color trend pencil play eyeliner

color trend is the more affordable make-up line from Avon. I love their pencil play eyeliners, specifically the white as it is SO pigmented and lasts brilliantly. A definite bargain and make-up staple.

color trend pencil play in White

Current price on Avon website: £2.95

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you're a fan of these eyeliners.

Avon Shine Attract Lipstick


I've already featured this lippies over on my joint blog Sugar Plump Beauty but since then I've fallen in love with them even more - so it's a must that I write about them here.

Shine Attract Lipsticks are quite a new and interesting design. Instead of a basic bullet with pure pigment like a traditional lipstick, these have a shot of pigment through the centre surrounded by a moisturising gel. A bit faffy, and I was sceptical, but I think these a fantastic. Easy to use and you choose the amount of colour you want to apply depending on how heavy you are. I often find some lipsticks (yes, MAC matte, I'm looking at you) fairly drying so these are a refreshing choice that really do make my lips better on the eyes.

From L-R : Orchid - Rose Bouquet (front) - Cherry Pie
From top-bottom : Orchid - Cherry Pie - Rose Bouquet
LEFT - from bullet // RIGHT - after blending
These are currently £8.50 on the Avon website and in Campaign 08.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

Secret Fantasy Star EDT & Far Away Exotic EDP

Hello all,

I thought my first post should be something different as opposed to basic make-up.. so here are two of my favourite Avon perfumes.

Secret Fantasy Star Eau de Toilette 50ml

A lovely EDT that's incredibly easy to wear as it isn't overpowering but has great lasting power. The scent is sweet and citrus-based so perfect for summer! The bottle doesn't have a lid but a metal clasp with a star charm that will stop any spillages in your bag. For a little more information on the notes in this perfume and other perfumes it's similar to - have a look at this fab website.

Current price on Avon website/campaign 08: £11.00

Far Away Exotic Eau de Parfum 50ml

On the complete opposite end of the perfume spectrum to Secret Fantasy, this new perfume is a fairly spicy and exotic scent with hints of mango and coconut. Personally I'd recommend this one for an evening out rather than during the day. It has, with many Avon perfumes, great lasting power too. For more in depth info, clicky here!

Current price on Avon website: £8.00
Price in Campaign 08: £6.50

Thanks so much for reading. Let me know what your favourite fragrances are!