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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Avon Shine Attract Lipstick


I've already featured this lippies over on my joint blog Sugar Plump Beauty but since then I've fallen in love with them even more - so it's a must that I write about them here.

Shine Attract Lipsticks are quite a new and interesting design. Instead of a basic bullet with pure pigment like a traditional lipstick, these have a shot of pigment through the centre surrounded by a moisturising gel. A bit faffy, and I was sceptical, but I think these a fantastic. Easy to use and you choose the amount of colour you want to apply depending on how heavy you are. I often find some lipsticks (yes, MAC matte, I'm looking at you) fairly drying so these are a refreshing choice that really do make my lips better on the eyes.

From L-R : Orchid - Rose Bouquet (front) - Cherry Pie
From top-bottom : Orchid - Cherry Pie - Rose Bouquet
LEFT - from bullet // RIGHT - after blending
These are currently £8.50 on the Avon website and in Campaign 08.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

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